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Re: [] Indigo Exception Request for RTP (technology.packaging.rtp)

On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 8:08 AM, Thomas Watson <tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So is RTP a true EPP?  I'm not sure we can pull this off with the current
> must-dos outlined at
> My understanding is that in order to be part of an EPP you must contribute
> the content to the common p2 repository for the release.
> On the technology PMC list
> they
> explicitly state:
> - We do not add components to the indigo repository. For Indigo we will
> provide downloads only. That means that we will have one or two zip files
> ready for downloads. The zip files will contain the latest builds of the
> related rt projects like Equinox, p2 or Jetty.
> See, For future releases we plan to add
> components to the "Target components" category of the related release train
> repository.
> So is RTP a true EPP or is it just providing "packages" for RT scenarios
> that are similar to the existing EPPs available?  But they are not actually
> going to be built as part of the EPP process for Indigo?

Holger responded to me personally, I'll share his response...

"the RTP project is a subproject of EPP because it provides packages.
But the way packages are built is different. So, the RT Packages are
not true EPP packages. As you pointed out, they are just packaged RT

So to answer your question, they are just providing packages.


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465

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