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Re: [] Reminder of next meeting: Wednesday, February 2, 12 noon (eastern)



The change to the SUA (php[1] and html[2] formats) and the[3] file have been done. Please see the bug 316152[4] and comment there if there are any issues.






Mike Milinkovich

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From: [] On Behalf Of John Arthorne
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Subject: Re: [] Reminder of next meeting: Wednesday, February 2, 12 noon (eastern)


Unfortunately I had a conflict come up and won't be able to attend this call. The only thing I wanted to mention is that there is a change to the Eclipse SUA coming for Indigo, so projects will need to adapt to it. PDE recently added some support (3.7 M5) that makes this less painful. I added more details in the minutes:

On the subject of EclipseCon meeting: I am available to attend on Sunday 3-4pm.


David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
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01/30/2011 09:59 PM

Please respond to
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[] Reminder of next meeting: Wednesday,        February 2, 12 noon (eastern)


Please read (or, even add to) the agenda at


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