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Re: [] Status of Riena and Jetty for Indigo M2

> So what is the next step?

Yes, I think we should have an exception request and gain at least two votes from PC to approve the exception to allow them to continue.
I don't think there'd be any great objection to an exception in this case ... but, in my view, part of the reason to have the exception process is to gain a history ... to document if or when anyone gets a long history of exceptions.
Not to mention, if we have an exception to the exception process :) , then we'll always have the question of when to start getting more serious about it  .. M3, M4, M5 ... M6?! ... so, I think we should take "once in always in" literally ... but, of course not beat anyone up for one early miss ... just document it as an exception, and help them (and others) achieve subsequent milestones.


From:        Thomas Watson/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
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Date:        10/07/2010 08:56 AM
Subject:        [] Status of Riena and Jetty for Indigo        M2
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I have heard back from both Riena and jetty with regards to missing M2 for Indigo. Both projects definitely plan to participate in Indigo.

jetty is in the middle of the release review for jetty 7.2.0 and thought it would be ready in time for M2 but that missed the date.

Riena seems to be in a similar situation and is catching up to be included in M3.

So what is the next step? Does this mean we need to go back to the RT PMC to get an exception for them to participate in M3 and then a follow on vote by the planning council? or is that not needed here?

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