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Re: [] Reminder of 9/15 meeting, 12 noon (Eastern)

Because of a company meeting I am unable to attend, so here is some input from me:

* Helios SR1 - I haven't heard about any serious problems with the EPP packages so far. The RC3 packages were delayed for reasons mentioned in bug 322929 but IMO this one qualified for the delay. The bug itself is fixed now but additional testing from other persons and feedback is always welcome.

* Indigo: As for the naming I would avoid in any case to have to separate simultaneous release names (e.g. Indigo + Janus) and I would prefer a neutral naming that doesn't imply that one is better than the other, that means that I don't like the "major" and "minor" naming either. I would vote for something like Indigo based on 3.7 platform (or "Indigo based on 4.1).

* EPP Packages, Plan E: I didn't start any investigation so far because of a lack of time, but it is still my favourite solution.
One question to the Eclipse Platform team would be what they have in mind with their p2installer. Any plans to use this? Maybe in combination with the web-based EPP wizard that we developed two years ago but never marketed it?

Thanks, Markus

On 15 September 2010 03:03, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In particular, I'd like to discuss

For formal agenda, see


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