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[] Reminder of Wednesday 18th meeting, 12 Noon Eastern

This is an "off cycle" meeting, since so few people could attend the first meeting this month. Plus, we have a lot of work to do about the transition plan for 3.7 vs. 4.1 Platform.
I'm still not positive we'll get all the right people in this one meeting, but I think it important to make what progress we can, so will hold this meeting for at least discussion, if not answers.

I've written up some notes and issues to help drive the discussion. That will serve as our primary agenda item for this meeting on 18th. See

If any of you have other issues (or options or questions) you'd like discussed (and eventually answered) feel free to add them to that page.

I think the first step is for us to assess the feasibility of some different approaches ... hopefully minimizing dual work, while supporting dual platforms ... a big part of this first step may be getting technical answers from the Platform, P2, and EPP teams. After that, we would be ready to approach the individual projects you represent to see if they can feasibly buy in to the plan and that it is roughly consistent with what they want to do (remember, we don't dictate what projects do, exactly, but we can set some requirements on participation, and codify what the majority of projects want to do, so we end up a little more consistent.

It will be tricky to be consistent this year ... as it is a "transition" year, at least ... so will take some extra coordination effort from the Planning Council to pull it off.


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