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Re: [] What time is meeting on Wednesday, August 4th?

I can make any of those times. Time preference in decreasing order: 1pm, 2pm, noon.


David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
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07/30/2010 03:39 PM

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[] What time is meeting on Wednesday,        August 4th?

I just remembered one of my to-dos from our last meeting was to ask here on mailing list if there was a desired or preference to change our permanent meeting time ... from its current 12 noon Eastern, to 2 o'clock Eastern, or 1 o'clock Eastern.

At the meeting there was a slight preference for 2 o'clock, but didn't sound like any one "had" to change the time, and not everyone was on the call, so I agreed to ask here. Please reply to this list if you have a preference for one of the times (you can rank order them if you'd like, most preferred to least prefered) and be sure to state explicitly if there is a time that you could never make, due to other, preexisting conflicts, etc.

Sorry for the short time to "vote", we'll decide by Tuesday afternoon, but in any case, we will have a meeting on Wednesday, either at 2 pm, 1 pm, or noon, Eastern.


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