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[] Exception or change required for 4-part version number?

As you all know, we require sim,. rel. bundles and features to have 4-part version numbers, to best take advantage of OSGi's runtime specifications.

But ... if my quick reading of bug 316717 is correct, this is not always possible, or desirable? ... in maven community?
(And it was a very quick read, so don't take my word for it, but please read bug 316717.

My question or concern is ... is our "Version_Numbering" spec out of date? Behind the times? Does more need to be said
for 3-part version "exceptions" ... or are the comments/conclusions referenced in bug 316717 incorrect?

John, as the primary author of
can you take a look and advise us?

There's no urgent rush ... I just want to try and  
know the answer, before someone asked the question.


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