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[] Changes after RC4?

According to our schedule there is one more week of potential builds after RC4, labeled "Helios Final". I see on the planning wiki that it says, "only emergency fixes for very serious regressions will be considered."  I can't remember if we discussed this in the past, but what exactly does that mean? Does it mean the release train exception process should be used, with changes announced in advance and require approval from others? Or, will this be left to the discretion of each project?  Unless we've already covered this, we should probably decide on that soon. Note, the Eclipse TLP doesn't plan on any contributions after RC4 at the moment, but I just want to know the process in advance in case something comes up...

Somewhat related to this: is there a call tomorrow? I can't find an agenda for the next call. If we have a call tomorrow we can just go over my question then.


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