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Re: [] Name that release ... ready for run-off vote?

David M Williams wrote:

Odd that when I checked the poll just now, it had _exactly_ 2000 votes!  See

Oliver, do you recall "total votes" from last year's poll? Partly just curious,
and partly wanted a sanity check that this Eclipse polling was working
similar to the doodle poll.
   Doodle says that there were 153 participants in the poll last year.   My remembery tells
me that there were more, but who am I to argue with doodle ;)

   I find the 2000 number highly suspicious.

I think this is a clear case of "no clear winner" so we should have a run off vote,
 Note that we had two rounds last year too.  The first was mostly to get peoples attention.

And that'd be (at least) between the top two contenders ... Indigo and Isaac.
So, can we "live with" either of these choices? See bug 306864 for
community thoughts on some reasons to exclude one or both.
From my read, there is no clear reason in the (negative) comments there
to exclude either ... but, I'm not a great judge of "marketing issues" so feel free
to state your views.
  Remember that  Ian will want to check trademarks, copyrights, etc. before we can adopt one or
the other.  If it is down to just a few, maybe Ian should check before the runoff occurs.
Second question. In theory, we could include, say 5 choices in run off vote, adding Ion, Iris, and Isis
The logic being is that the preference of the group might still be for one of those, if all those
in the minority choices all happened to favor the same one of those. The only
problem in doing that, is we might still not end up with a strict majority, and might have to have another
run off if there was a close vote. In theory.

So, let me know if you have a view on completing this. If I hear nothing from you today, then tomorrow I'll start a run-off vote
with the top two, Indigo and Isaac, just to state the default action if none of you have a preference on
how to vote, or any to exclude.
  I suggest just the top two for voting.


= = = = =
results as of  21/04/10 : 09:28 (EDT)

Results: What is your favorite name for the 2011 Simultaneous Release?

Indigo: 21 %
Indra:   3 %
Indus:   6 %
Ion:    13 %
Ionia:   6 %
Iris:    9 %
Isaac:  23 %
Isis:   10 %
Ivory:   6 %
Izar:    3 %

Total votes: 2000

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