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Re: [] New Software User Agreement

Planning Council,

I think we should support this new requirement and (still) encourage our projects to adopt before M7.

It is a reality of software development that sometimes "last minute" changes are required for various reasons ... and until the legal profession and the Eclipse Board adopts the milestone process many of those last minute requests will come from them. :)

If it this request and new SUA document had come even next week, I would resist, as being too near M7 to complete without disruption, but as it is, I think there is just enough time for teams to be able to react, and I'd hate to be "out of date" for a whole year!

If anyone knows anything to the contrary, do let us know (such as that some teams could not possibly adopt this new SUA for this release for some reason).

But if I hear no objection in a few hours, will update the bug and post a note to cross project list that it is done, and required.

I know this doesn't come cheaply ... from my own experience, "small" changes like this can easily occupy a person per team for half a day ... times 40 teams ... 20 person days! It is unfortunate we have to invest our time this way, but Eclipse is well known for it's "IP  and Legal Correctness" so I think we do need to continue to support that reputation. In the future, hopefully such labor intensive tasks can be better anticipated and addressed by tools or runtime-like functionality.

Much thanks,

From: "Mike Milinkovich" <mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "''" <>
Date: 04/20/2010 08:54 AM
Subject: [] New Software User Agreement
Sent by:

See also bug 306627 [1]
With apologies, I would like to ask that the Planning Council consider asking the Helios projects to use the new Software User Agreement just approved by the IP Advisory Committee of the Board. Unfortunately, that process took much longer than expected. You can find this new version in plain HTML[2] and as a PHP web page[3].
There are several significant improvements to this SUA that are important to us that are driving this request. In order of importance they are:
a)      This new version includes a section relevant to the use of p2 and other provisioning technology that are becoming so important.
b)      It fixes the Java trademark reference from Sun to Oracle.
c)       Deletes a dead reference to the IBM Public License.
I realize that this is arriving very late in the game. But if it is at all possible, I would like to ask that this be done for the Helios release.
Thank you for your consideration.
Mike Milinkovich
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