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Re: [] Simultaneous Release Summary


Could/should there be a link (or perhaps just prose instructions) for providing the data about completion...i.e. how/where to go to do that? there an explanation of each requirement/row in table...i.e. what the requirement consists of...and how/what's necessary for it to be considered met? If so, maybe a link in the column headings to that explanation?


David M Williams wrote:

The Eclipse Foundation has completed a "summary page" for the Sim. Rel. compliance to requirements. Please take a look.

If you see any major bugs, let me know (I suggest a bugzilla entry on Foundation's Portal component, but also please respond to this list with any bugs open).

If no big errors found, I'll announce to cross-project list on Thursday.

I'm hoping enhancements can still be made, so feel to briefly summarize to this list, anything you think would make it more useful to the Planning Council, PMCs, and Project Leads, and community. Wayne, Gabe, and myself will meet in a few days to discuss/decide if/when any enhancements can be made, so your initial thoughts would be useful. At some point I'm sure we'll say, "if you want it, you are free to contribute it ... " but I promise I won't say that for your initial thoughts :)

Of course, the real work will be getting your projects to fill in and provide the data, not to mention fulfill the requirement to begin with. So please work with your teams on that real work. Some of the items have explicit "deadlines" but others don't. So ... I think by M7, most of the requirements should be complete and data provided. Beyond that, we'll have to start questioning if a project is really on board.


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