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[] Request for Ecore Tools Inclusion Exception

Esteemed Colleagues,

The Ecore Tools team is not very active anymore and they had trouble figuring out how to promote their M5 build. Cedric helped promote it for M6 and he intends to include it in the Amalgamation package. For those who don't know, Ecore Tools provides a tailored GMF graphical editor for Ecore. Without it, there's effectively only the crude Sample Ecore Editor, which just isn't enough. Ecore Tools was part of Galileo and I believe it's very important that it be part of Helios. I personally rely on this too for maintaining model diagrams for Ecore and GenModel. I've been granted committer status on this project so that I can personally ensure that any changes necessary to keep the builds in good shape is something I can commit myself. Please consider granting an exception.


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