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Re: [] Helios inclusion exception request for Marketplace Client

+1 from me

(okay, I am a bit biased but I could test the MPC in the last few days and it really looks good.)

Regards, Markus

On 16 March 2010 19:32, Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greetings Planning Council.

I make this request on behalf of the Marketplace Client, and the Technology PMC.

The new Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) project would like to join the Helios release train and is requesting an exception from the Planning Council.  MPC provides direct access from an Eclipse installation to the Eclipse-based solutions listed on Eclipse Marketplace.   You can think of it as an App Store like client for the Eclipse community  (but without the purchase ability).   We believe this will have a significant impact on promoting the Eclipse ecosystem.

The code has been under development for the last 2 months, is now feature complete and is now available in the git repository.   Our plan is to include it in the Java IDE and RPC packages for M6.

While this project has gotten off to a late start, it has progressed quickly (established project plan [1], website [2], build, etc.). The project is on track to keep up with the remaining deadlines, maintenance releases, etc. Marketplace Client is a "leaf" component, only going into a few EPP packages, so is low risk.



Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

I'm going to EclipseCon!
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