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[] Reminder of Wed. meeting ... and there's work for you to do this time! :)

Wednesday, 12 Noon (Eastern Time) is our regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Our last meeting before our face-to-face meeting at EclipseCon (for those of us going).

And, just in time, Gabe O'Brien (Eclipse Foundation) has the Tracking Application ready for your review.

Him and I have gone through 3 or 4 drafts, but now its time for some fresh eyes before we go public.

This is only visible to Planning Council members, at the moment, not yet Projects in general.  

To see it, go to the portal

and scroll down until you see the "Simultaneous Release Tracker".

The plan is to offer three views here, one for all us Planning Council members, one for Project Leads, and another for Committers.

Eventually, we'll have other, separate "status and results summary pages", but these pages on the Portal are for input and data recording from the Projects.

Besides being able to fill in status and results, the tracking mechanism allows grouping so projects can "track with parent" to accomplish the consolidation that some projects want ... and that we want to encourage, when it makes things simpler.

So, take a look, see if its understandable with out further instructions ... or, else I can write some up.  We will of course be able to improve this app (especially wording) in the weeks or months ahead, but the important thing is to make sure you all agree the fundamental form and function is correct.

This tracking, of course, is meant to correspond to the Simultaneous Release Requirements, at

I tweaked that document, a little, after seeing how it would translate into trackable items. I moved "communication" so there was only one "communication" section, and changed IP Log part so there is only one IP Log URL.

Sorry for the short notice, but hopefully you can find time to review before our Wednesday meeting. If you have comments on wording, etc., let's try to consolidate on Wednesday, and we'll give to Gabe as one update for him to make and roll out.


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