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Re: [] Exception for Jetty for M4 Requirement


Thomas Watson wrote:

I am sending this note on behalf of the RT-PMC to request an exception for late participation in the Helios release by the jetty project.

The jetty project has been working hard at getting their contribution ready for Helios. Unfortunately the contribution was not ready for M4. Since then they have been working at getting their repository and contribution ready. The jetty 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 releases have already been published by the jetty project [1]. They just need to get their content integrated into the Helios build. At this time the Jetty project does not want to disrupt the M5 schedule and would like to request an exception for late participation in M6. They will work at getting integrated in into the build ASAP after M5 goes final. As usual we need 3 +1 to approve (and no -1s). Please indicate your approval, or not, by a response to this planning council list.

+1 from me.



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