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Re: [] Exception Request for EEF

+1. I see the project has a good build history with a stable M4 milestone last week. With stable builds, an active development team, and Ed's leadership I have confidence this project will meet train requirements.

However I'll just point out from perusing the web site [1], that the project appears to be a non-conforming incubating project, and there is no evidence of a plan document that I could find. I hope these things will be sorted out soon!

(And sorry for being pedantic, I'm just trying to make sure we don't rubber-stamp exceptions without a little bit of thought)


[1] -

Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent by:

01/11/2010 09:49 AM

Please respond to
""        <>

Planning Council <>
[] Exception Request for EEF

Distinguished Council,

I'd like to request an exception for including EMFT's Extended Editing
Framework, EEF in the Helios release train. It's an important
complementary tool to the highly used and deployed EMF.Edit framework,
providing reusable polished forms-style support for editing model
properties. This framework allows developers to generate high quality
interfaces for Eclipse or RCP and as such will be an asset for the
Modeling project specifically and to the Eclipse Platform generally; it
helps put the rich into Rich Client Platform. It's developed and
supported by folks from Obeo, an Eclipse Strategic Developer. With their
past track record and experience developing and supporting EMF's compare
framework, I'm confident they'll have no problems meeting all the
obligations of being on the train.

Please consider making an exception.


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