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Re: [] Exception Request for EEF

Le 11/01/2010 15:49, Ed Merks a écrit :
> Distinguished Council,
> I'd like to request an exception for including EMFT's Extended Editing
> Framework, EEF in the Helios release train. It's an important
> complementary tool to the highly used and deployed EMF.Edit framework,
> providing reusable polished forms-style support for editing model
> properties. This framework allows developers to generate high quality
> interfaces for Eclipse or RCP and as such will be an asset for the
> Modeling project specifically and to the Eclipse Platform generally;
> it helps put the rich into Rich Client Platform. It's developed and
> supported by folks from Obeo, an Eclipse Strategic Developer. With
> their past track record and experience developing and supporting EMF's
> compare framework, I'm confident they'll have no problems meeting all
> the obligations of being on the train.
> Please consider making an exception.
> Regards,
> Ed
Quite obviously, +1 from me too.



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