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[] TPTP and the Galileo Train requirements.

There has been much discussion regarding the Must and Should do's for Galileo. At today's TPTP PMC call, we went over each of the Must and Shoulds with regard to TPTP and also with regard to the others on the train.

We weighed the effort for each against the expected benefits for each. Overall, we thought the list was fine. We have the following comments:

New and Noteworthy - the bugzilla ( says that these are done on each milestone. The Requirements page ( says RC (Release Candidate). TPTP agrees with this for the Release Candidate but it seems a bit much to have it as a must do for each and every milestone.

Capabilities - TPTP will provide a single point of capability 'TPTP' in a plugin that will enable user to disable/enable TPTP UI contributions (import/export, launch configurations, views, preferences, and perspective). 254151 is already opened by Anne for such requirement. Does this single point comply with the must do?

Also, we have a question regarding dependencies as TPTP has features that depend on other projects (e.g., Profile on server has a dependency on WTP). Do we leave the choice to the user or do we act smart and enable all the optional dependencies for the user?

Performance - Please add that TPTP is appropriate for profiling and performance work. As you know, we are putting resources into the community profiler and this is exactly the kind of thing that we are trying to encourage. We will do good support.


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