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RE: [] Next call agenda - Wednesday, September 3rd @ 11:00 am Eastern (maybe 12:00 pm?)

Thanks, I corrected the wiki to indicate the 3rd.

As it seems 12:00 pm Eastern U.S. is a better time for everyone, I'll
update the Google calendar event (and the wiki).

Talk to you all tomorrow at 12:00 pm Eastern U.S. then.


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Subject: Re: [] Next call agenda -
Wednesday,September 3rd @ 11:00 am Eastern (maybe 12:00 pm?)

> I've created a wiki page for our next call:

Sep 6th is mentioned in the date and time row. I assume this is a kbd
error, as Saturday concalls are unconventional :)

> Note the question about moving the time of our calls to one hour 
> later, which would accommodate Philippe (and perhaps John D.?).  
> Please reply with your availability at this proposed time (12:00 pm 
> Eastern US, the first Wednesday of each month).

1200 Eastern is good from my perspective.


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