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Re: [] IP Logs for Ganymede

Martin (and everyone),
Can you share a little bit of technical detail, e.g. based on what information
you're planning to have the automatic IP Log generated? Are you going to
use Bugzilla's "attachment isPatch" field together with a check whether the
attachment has been created by a non-committer, and the bugzilla FIXED state?
Are you going to take the bugzilla "contributed" keyword into account?
Based on the feedback on bug 220977, yes, I will :-)
Note that we have bugs where contributors attached patches, but the final
fix was created by a committer without using the contribution. I'm really
curios how you're planning to sort these things out -- personally, as well
as on behalf of my project, since I want to know whether we'll be in
bucket 2 or bucket 3.
As with any automated system, the results will only be as good as the data quality going in. Or something like that. I'm open to all suggestions about how to handle the various corner cases, but for your specific question, my idea was that the unused patch would be marked obsolete and thus be ignored by the automatic IP Log generator.

- Bjorn

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