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[] Ganymede Review on June 4

Hello Ganymedians,

As you'll see here, the Ganymede Simultaneous Release review call is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4, at 8am PT. All project leads are expected to attend the call. If you are a project lead and you cannot attend, please let us know (email to emo@) at least two weeks in advance (by Wednesday, May 21).

Every sub-project or component with a separate site contribution (.sc) file is considered to be a separate project, and needs to send in a separate slide deck. We also ask that you send in an additional "mini-deck" of three to four slides with an overview of your project. We will combine the mini-decks into an overview section of the Ganymede Release slide deck. We will archive the "normal" slide deck you send as your project-specific Ganymede release docuware, as well as include it in the Ganymede Release slide deck that is used for the review call.

The due date for the slide decks is Wednesday, May 21. You are welcome and encouraged to send them in earlier! Please include both the source file (such as PPT) and a pdf version of the slides.

We are still working on the logistics for the IP Logs, and we will let you know those requirements as soon as they are finalized.

Thanks -- please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If you need help with the content of your slide deck, please see the Development Process documentation about Release Reviews, or ask a mentor for help (PMC member, experienced Project Lead, etc.).

Anne Jacko

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