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[] RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] update download page

The Europa site still does not have the Winter Update and I have not seen
any follow-up to this thread.  So I made the following unfortunate change on
the wiki page in order to avoid users who are looking for the updates
getting confused by the dates.  From:

    As Europa Winter Maintenance will be the final story for a lot of the
    it's imperative that we do it right and on time.


    '''NOTE:''' due to build server problems the Europa Winter Maintenance
is not 
    yet available and the update site contains the Fall Maintenance release.
    more information see {{bug|221439}}

If anyone notices the build go green and get copied over, or any error on my
part, please remove that text.

The bug is:

    221439: Europa Winter Update is not available


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> I'm still confused about what's going on with the Europa Winter Update.
> The
> build is continuing to  fail, and the Europa update site still has the
> Fall
> Update features on it on it:
> Is this not breaking users' expectation that the update be available on
> the
> February 29th release date?  It seems that people will download the EPP
> packagings and expect the latest features to be available from the
> bundled
> discovery site, and that's not the case.
> Mik
> > -----Original Message-----
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> ...
> > But I'm a bit confused about the release announcement, and was
> putting
> > off
> > the Mylyn 2.3 announcement until Europa build went green.  As far as
> I
> > know
> > we are green for Eclipse 3.2.2 and for the EPP packages, but the
> Europa
> > build site is still broken (EMF changes came in yesterday and broke
> the
> > build in the usual way).  If Eclipse 3.2.2 is announced won't people
> > expect
> > the Europa site to provide the final Winter Update as well?
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