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[] Re: What's the meaning of "Popular Projects" in the download page?

Yossi, Ken, (and everyone),

To answer both your questions...

Does anyone know what's the meaning of "Popular Projects" in It doesn't include JDT so it's
> obviously not that most downloadable projects.

The Popular Projects is my little heaven of controversy that I like to hang onto for purely masochist purposes.

You can read about the why and the how on this bug:

Essentially, it's based on the popularity of the project home page. The Eclipse project's projects rarely score very high, as no one seems to go to their project pages.

Kenn wrote:
> … and where do the descriptions for the projects come from?

Agh, I just know you'll beat me up for this, but .. here goes. I make them up. The project names are very long and don't fit well inside the small space, so I pretend like I'm smart and abridge the name a little. I know it lacks consistency etc etc but it just looks so much better than:

4. Model
Tools (MDT)

Feel free to post comments on the above bug.



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