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Re: [] New Ganymede Should Do - Splash Page Icon?

Yes, I think that's right .... and think it was my suggestion .... so, yes.

Now that we have an "encourage" category :) maybe it belongs there instead.

Part of the idea, with the icons, was to make sure we have some 'coordinated' approach, so we have some divisions that make sense to the end user, but don't have so many that it causes clutter.
I'm not sure the rule quite captures that, but that's the idea, and maybe we'll get closer this year.

WTP also has their own icon now.

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11/16/2007 05:01 AM

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[] New Ganymede Should Do - Splash Page        Icon?

Hi all,

today the following new "Should Do" appeared on the Ganymede page:

# Each major project (the top-level projects except for the Tools
 and Technology projects where it is the sub-projects) should
 have a splash page icon and contribute to the welcome page.

My understanding is that with "Splash page icon", Bjorn meant the
icon that's shown in the About box... is that correct?

Where we currently have the following different icons that I know of:
- Eclipse Platform (+most others)
- CDT (==old Eclipse icon)
- Modeling
- Subversive

Or am I misunderstanding?

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member
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