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Re: [] Ganymede Release Dates for M6, M7, and RCx

I asked Bjorn this one the other day (well, about the +0, +1, +2, +3, EPP, Freeze dates for GA) and apparently this wasn't finalilzed at the PC meeting. I'd assume the same is true for other missing dates.

Given the next F2F is in March, I'm hoping that there will be scheduled calls before then to finalize these dates. implies this is the case but does not hint when such calls will take place.

To facilitate this, we could put in a suggested set of dates (with asterisk for "not final") and let the PC vote on it at their next sit-down. That would at least give them something to vote/veto, and something for us to plan for in the meantime.



On Nov 13, 2007 11:12 AM, Jim Mickelson <jim_mickelson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

For the Ganymede schedule, is there a reason that the M6, M7, and RC releases do not specify a final release date?

Thanks, Jim
Jim Mickelson, IBM Raleigh

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