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Re: [] Clarification on Ganymede Schedule for M3

I didn't attend the meeting, but asked Oliver the same question. It seems the +2 projects, at least WTP and TPTP were moved back a couple of days.

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11/11/2007 06:40 PM

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[] Clarification on Ganymede Schedule        for M3

I see the Ganymede schedule has been updated to include a +3 level as per our 11/6 meeting.

But the way the table was edited, it was made to appear that put us, WTP, at 11/12, instead of our previously agreed to 11/14.

I recall being pretty explicit at the meeting that we in WTP could not react within one week to that schedule change,
and we'd have to stick with our previously agreed to M3 date, of 11/14.

I thought we all agreed that changes in schedule would not be done until the next milestone?
What happened? Was meeting not clear? Or a simple mistake in editing table?


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