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Re: [] A suggested topic for PlanningCouncil Discussion

Hi Bjorn,

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:

Scott Lewis wrote:

Include project leads from a representative sample of projects
Isn't that what it is already? Each project is a member of a Top-Level Project. Each Top-Level Project has a representative on the Planning Council. So the PC has representatives of not just a representative sample, but in fact representatives of all projects.

Well, I would argue that the Technology projects (and perhaps other projects...e.g. EMFT) are under-represented...because everything incubates in Technology, and it's only one top-level project.  No slight on Technology or other PMCs intended.

Rotate PC membership frequently
That's up the PMCs as to who to send to the Planning Council.


Have open PC meetings (not all, but some).  I mean open to committers and contributors.
Have a public communication forum (e.g. IRC channel) for each group (e.g. PC)
We have a mailing list and it's archived in public, so I'm guessing that you have additional requirements when you say "public communication forum". The mailing list is moderated (spam avoidance), but if someone wanted to send an email to the PC, then could send an email to the list.

True, but I would bet that the membership for this list is pretty low among committers and perhaps even project leads.  I'm just suggesting that lighter weight, perhaps more immediate public forums  might be helpful as well (not in exclusion of this one).

Give the PC power and support to allocate integration testing resources
The PC already has control over 100% of the Foundation's integration and testing resources. Of course, those resources allocated by the Board are zero, so 100% * 0 = 0, but you've already got your wish!

+1 for Doug G's the hard part is implementation :).


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