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Re: [] A suggested topic for Planning Council Discussion

Doug, David, et al.,

Even if you’re a project that does get removed, you can still release on the same day. Other than getting your bits mentioned in an over crowded update site, it’s not overly obvious what the benefits of being in the simultaneous release trains are at the moment.

The major advantage of being in the train is priority in getting your IP reviewed. Clearly there is going to be more demand for IP reviews than the legal team will be able to handle - that's just a fact. As per the Board's desire, the IP team will prioritize the "on the train" projects higher than the "off the train but wanting to release on the same date" projects... And, if you don't have your IP reviewed, you can't release your bits... etc. So if you're a project that does get removed, you (may or) may not be able to release on the same day.

And in my mind that’s the real problem with the RC. Their influence in the day to day operations of Eclipse projects isn’t very strong.

Perhaps a better term is "non-existent" :-)

Given that committers are the only ones that have power on the projects,

Unfortunately, that's not true. The Board also has power over the projects. The Board defines the IP process, for example, and that has a big effect on the projects. And the Board has passed a unanimous resolution about the projects (and simultaneous release) being better this year. So... we (the EMO) need to follow this directive from the Board. And that means that we need firm requirements that raise the bar. Hence this discussion.

- Bjorn "once again the heavy that people complain about" Freeman-Benson

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