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Re: [] ganymede builds

Yes, they were supposed to start with M2, but I failed to get the Ganymatic working in time. I intend to have it working by the end of the week, so I have updated the wiki page with an "M2+" (or should it be "M2-"?) for next week. I'm working on the assumption that everyone has built their M2 bits already and so the only things that we're waiting on are the Ganymatic and then the EPP builds for M2.

Also, Ganymatic is all new technology (I just had too much trouble with the standaloneUpdate code underlying the Europa-matic.) It will use different, but hopefully much easier to maintain, files for each project. I have updated the wiki to explain them. I will send further updates...
If so, when will the org.eclipse.europa.* projects be branched for Ganymede builds?  Just wondering because we'll be releasing 3.4M2 this week.

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