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Re: [] RE: [cdt-dev] Europa Fall Main tenance re-spin failed due to BIRT and CDT

A few other projects have a mirrorsURL attribute (the Platform does) but there's a typo in the CDT one. You have "formatf=xml" instead of "format=xml" (note the extra "f" at the end of "formatf").  When I tried these two urls just through the browser:
So I think this is the problem: the CDT site.xml file needs to have "format=xml" instead of "formatf=xml".

You probably also do not need the "protocol=http".

And it looks like the bits were correctly Europa built even with this failure - the Europa-matic just didn't use a mirror.

- Bjorn

Given that I haven’t changed that in months, and it appears that all the bits are in the right place anyway, that this failure has always been there.

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