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[] Europa builds: Release but Incomplete, now RED due to STP

Title: New Page 1
Europa People,
Well, things are a bit confused. I admit that I had assumed from the email list traffic that everyone had committed their bits (people were talking about download freezes and mirror syncs and updating the download pages, etc). It turns out that not everyone had checked in so the GREEN Europa build that is on the live site does not actually contain everyone's latest bits.

So I re-spun Europa-matic this morning (PDT). It failed due to last minute changes by the STP project. STP added a new feature (a new feature? this is a maintenance release - it's not supposed to have new features).

So I reverted the features-stp.xml file and re-started the build. My attempt here is to get a fresh new (complete) green build so that I can upload the bits, the mirrors can sync yet again, etc.  I don't believe that any download pages will need updating.

More news when it happens,
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