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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa build failing due to Mylyn and BIRT (and pack200)

The Platform team's fix for 193570 may have solved the symptom for bug 187396 for the Platform, but the bug (187396) still exists in the siteOptimizer and is triggered by other Europa projects (as evidenced by all the other feature and plug-in jars that are being corrupted). The bug (187396) exists in both 3.3M7 and 3.3 (Europa).

Anyway, I'm working around it using my "copy the un-re-packed-compressed-files" hack. I'm guessing I'll get a completely green build late tonight.

- Bjorn

Kim Moir wrote:

Bjorn, the bug 187396 you refer to was due to a corrupt jdt.core jar which was resolved in 3.3.  


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