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[] Europa builds are failing and until they stop failing, we're not going to have a Fall Maintenance Release

Europa Project Leads and Release Engineers,
As you can see the Europa builds are failing. Unfortunately, the Europa-matic has proved to be fairly fragile and the Fall Maintenance Release is breaking it.

Problem #1 is a bug that has been in the org.eclipse.update.core.siteOptimizer for some time. I originally reported it back in May as bug 187396. This bug causes the siteOptimizer to take seemingly valid jars and truncate them to zero-length files. When this bug was not fixed for the Europa release in June, I worked around the bug by replacing the two zero-length files with their originals (see the log where it says "Replacing known corrupted files").  Unfortunately, for the fall release, this bug is resulting in hundreds of truncated files.

Now another factoid: I've been using the Eclipse Platform SDK 3.3M7 to run the Europa-matic. Specifically, the Europa-matic runs the Platform 3.3M7 in headless mode to run the org.eclipse.update.core.standaloneUpdate and the org.eclipse.update.core.siteOptimizer. Perhaps, I thought to myself, the Eclipse Platform SDK 3.3 official release (the Europa one) has fewer bugs? So I upgraded the Europa-matic to use the official 3.3 release.

Problem #2 is that there is a new bug in org.eclipse.update.core.standaloneUpdate in the official 3.3 release that does not appear to exist in the 3.3M7 (or, more likely, it exists in both but is not triggered when I run M7). This bug causes the standalongUpdate to fail on the Platform project due to missing s390 plug-ins. And this occurs even though I am running (as per Kim) standalongUpdate with the "-ignoreMissingPlugins true" option. (One would assume that ignoreMissingPlugins would ignore missing plug-ins, such as the missing s390 plug-ins; but it does not appear to do so, at least not in the official 3.3 release.) (Further information on this bug: Kim and I discovered that it 3.3M7 properly ignored missing plug-ins if the -from was an http update site, but not if it was a file system update site. Now it appears not to ignore them regardless of the source of the update site.)

So now I have reverted to the 3.3M7 code and am re-running the build. This is fail. It will fail because of bug 187396. Then I will have to update the Europa-matic to use the "manual copy" work around for every one of those hundreds of corrupted files. (This is a lot of work because the files have to copied from their original project plug-in directory, but of course the project information is lost at this point, so I have to find all the projects and all the plug-ins, build the manual bypass file, etc. My point is only that this is going to take some time.)

The net net of this we're _not_ going to have a green build today. And this means that we're not going to have a push of content to the server on noon tomorrow. And we're not going to have an EPP package build on Thursday afternoon. And we're not going to have a  Fall Maintenance Release on Friday.

However, please don't let the fact that we can't finish the Europa Fall Maintenance Release (due to bug 187396 and the as-yet-unfiled-other-bug) by Friday stop you and your projects from freezing your builds and uploading your builds to the servers and being all ready for the official release. All that would be good to have happen while I am working through those bugs. Thanks.

I have updated the wiki page with a correction to the dates (i.e., that we're not doing a release on Friday).

- Bjorn
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