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Re: [] No planning council meeting at the Eclipse Summit Europe - perhaps a dinner instead

Well, just so you know ... I'll document my situation here publically. I didn't realize an RSVP was being requested -- it seemed to be stated simply as a "fact" ... and, as for myself, I was not planning to be at the summit initially, but when I heard of this meeting, that tipped the balance, so I had begun to investigate if that specific travel would fit within my companies current travel policies and budget. And while likely, it takes a while to find out things like that at some companies .... certainly longer than 5 days ... just for your future reference. Had this been announced previously? and I just missed that? It did sound like a general interference, though, with the symposia, so perhaps was not a good time to plan the meeting.

So .... when will we do the meeting? Will there be one "fourth quarter"? Seems there is lots of important business? If there is a meeting, I'd better start planning for that one :)


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08/22/2007 01:51 AM

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[] No planning council meeting at the Eclipse Summit Europe - perhaps  a dinner instead

Planning Council members,
I've received only three replies to my "Planning Council meeting at the Eclipse Summit Europe" email. And all three said "sorry, conflicts with other ESE activities". I have no reply from the other 18 council members. I'm going to assume that this lack of email response mirrors a lack of enthusiasm for meeting at the Summit and thus we will not have a meeting at the Summit.

Perhaps we can organize a beer gathering or dinner for those Council members who are attending the Summit.

- Bjorn
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