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Re: [] Europa re-spins and Europa Fall maintenance and Europa-matic currently fails

Bjorn, I have looked at your build log and I am puzzled why it would complain about this issue for the platform update site. The issue is that the rcp feature refers to a swt fragment that wasn't included in the general 3.3 release. This is a very common issue for us as we have several fragments that are contributed by teams that have the hardware to compile them and not included in the build process.  

The teams contributing this build actually provided the binaries last week.  I'm not sure if adding the fragment the update site would fix the Europa build because they have a different version that the one referenced in the 3.3 feature.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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07/25/2007 11:19 AM

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[] Europa re-spins and Europa Fall maintenance and Europa-matic currently  fails

Planning Council Members involved in Europa,
The Europa-matic build is currently failing on Platform, EMF and MDT.

Please update your features-*.xml files so that the Europa-matic succeeds green.
I ask this for two reasons:

1.        There are some projects (you've seen the email trail here) who are asking for a re-spin to fix certain critical bugs. While the issues of whether to re-release is still under discussion (and will probably only be solved on a phone call), we'd still like to have the release train be buildable so that we can proceed forward to a re-release if we, collectively, decide to do so.
2.        The Europa Fall Maintenance release (September 24-28; a short 62 days from now) will be using the same Europa-matic. Thus it behooves us to make sure that Europa-matic can build the train so that we can do that maintenance release.
Thanks for your attention to these build failures,
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