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Re: [] Europa re-spins and Europa Fall maintenance and Europa-matic currently fails

I can explain the EMF and MDT failures.

We want to track who's downloading [1] our bits -- zips and update
jars. In order to be able to do so for the jars, I spoke with Denis
and his suggestion [2] was to embed the download.php URL in the update
site xml. This I did, then added it to our builder so it does it for
all our projects.


The result is that our site.xml looks like this:

	<feature id="org.eclipse.emf.sdk" version="2.3.1.v200707171853"
		<category name="EMF SDK 2.3.1 M200707171853"/>

instead of the simpler and untrackable:

	<feature id="org.eclipse.emf.sdk" version="2.3.1.v200707171853"
		<category name="EMF SDK 2.3.1 M200707171853"/>

So, I throw myself at the mercy of the O'Matic and beg for both
forgiveness and the added support for stripping everything in the
<feature url=""/> attribute before 'features/' when parsing the XML to
find files, but keeping it when generating the output site.xml for
download stat tracking.

Is this doable?


On 7/25/07, Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Planning Council Members involved in Europa,
 The Europa-matic build is currently failing on Platform, EMF and MDT.

 Please update your features-*.xml files so that the Europa-matic succeeds
 I ask this for two reasons:

There are some projects (you've seen the email trail here) who are asking
for a re-spin to fix certain critical bugs. While the issues of whether to
re-release is still under discussion (and will probably only be solved on a
phone call), we'd still like to have the release train be buildable so that
we can proceed forward to a re-release if we, collectively, decide to do so.
The Europa Fall Maintenance release (September 24-28; a short 62 days from
now) will be using the same Europa-matic. Thus it behooves us to make sure
that Europa-matic can build the train so that we can do that maintenance
release. Thanks for your attention to these build failures,

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