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[] Common Build Environment for Ganymede?

Hi all,

as I'm starting to get ready for next year's release
stream, I'd like to revamp my release engineering 

There's just too much cool stuff to be picked up --
the CVS database and release notes tools which require
an RSS feed, automatic consumption of dependencies via
Update site and RSS feed (allowing easier automatic
testing of dependent I-builds), Cruis Control and web-
based kicking off builds, perhaps e-mailing committers
when they check in code with warnings, ...

One first goal would be to get CVS/Relnotes set up,
and to have weekly I-builds of our stuff in two streams:
  - one building and testing against the latest 
    milestones of (platform, cdt, emf) and 
  - one building and testing against the latest green
    I-builds of (platform, cdt, emf).
Plus, populating our update site really automatically.

I have not been at last year's Europa Build Workshop,
but for me as an outsider it looks like the idea of
a common build environment was never quite finished.
At least I cannot find documentation and template
ant code on how to REALLY get it implemented.

Am I missing important pointers? Or who could help 
me getting my build really up-to-speed? What would
be a good project to grab some ideas from?

Or: should there be a Ganymede Build Workshop this year?

Thanks for any pointers,
Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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