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[] Ganymede Release Day (was: Boston Planning Council face-to-face minutes posted)

I always thought there is a 'reason' to have the release on a Friday. But I 
would prefer a Wednesday, too! 

It's not because of EPP, but I've seen German newstickers 2006 and this year 
again that released a message like 'New Eclipse available' already on 
Wednesday. And that leads to confusion and frustration by the users, because 
there was nothing available for download on that day (e.g. see, but they changed the news 
message after a while).


On Wednesday 11 July 2007 16:36, Ian Skerrett wrote:
> For Ganymede would it be possible to plan the release to happen on a
> Wednesday?   Having the release on a Friday makes it a bit more complicated
> to respond to any critical bugs, for instance the issue we had with the
> Java EE package.   It would also allow us to issue a press release at the
> same time as the release.  (Issuing a press release on Friday is
> sub-optimal if you want anyone to actually report on it.)

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