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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re-spin process / DSDP-TM Re-spin request

My plan for the Europa Fall Maintenance Update Site was to use the same update site as the Europa release - I think that's what we did for Callisto and it makes sense for Europa as well. We'll Europa-matic build into the Europa staging site (as we did for the major release) until we are collectively happy with the bits and then we will upgrade those staging site bits to the release site.

I am already doing Europa-matic builds for the maintenance release (or the re-spin, or whatever we decide): the results are in the usual place:

If you think we should do something else (a separate Fall Maintenance Update Site, separate from the release site), let's talk about that...

- Bjorn

John Arthorne wrote:
I think this debate about respins is only happening because we don't yet have the Europa fall update site set up yet.  In the absence of this, Europa respins are the only way to get our critical fixes out there. I suggest we create a Europa fall update site as soon as possible so we can put the Europa June 29th release behind us.

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