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[] Re: BIRT feature for Europa updated

The Europa update site does not automatically pick up changes - a re-spin is required to make that happen.
If you would like a re-spin, please ask for one (on this mailing list) explicitly. (I think you're asking for one, but I don't want to make any mistakes, so I need a definitive "please re-spin the Europa build" email - thanks.)

And, when you say "feature versions are not changed, you mean the M.N.P version numbers, correct? The build identifier (the fourth part) did change, correct?

- Bjorn

Xiaoying Gu wrote:

Hi Bjorn,


BIRT have updated 3 features as a workaround for missing DTP feature dependency. (Related bug: )

Feature versions are not changed.


Is a re-spin of Europa needed? Will Europa update site pick up the updated features automatically?


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