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Re: [] Europa-o-matic respin required for MDT-EODM

It's too late to re-spin this for the big release tomorrow. However, we can re-spin tomorrow and re-build the packages on Monday and then update the download sites. This means that the first eager-beaver downloaders will get the old version :-(
I'll talk to Denis and Markus about this tomorrow first thing EDT.

- Bjorn

Nick Boldt wrote:

Seems that no one from the EODM camp noticed until today that the EODM
contribution to Europa has been frozen at M6 (April 8). My guess is
that for some reason they assumed I was managing this and I assumed
that giving them the tools to DIY as part of their promote process
would enable them to manage it themselves.

Blamestorming aside, we should really get their latest 0.9.0RC4 build
instead of the 2.0.0M6 one that's in there now (the project was
back-versioned recently to acknowledge its still-in-incubation status,
so it really shouldn't be allowed out the door at 2.0.0).

I've updated the features-mdt-eodm.xml file on Lei's behalf. Is it
possible to respin to pick up their RC4 contribution?


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