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[] Europa-matic re-spin in progress

The previous Europa-matic build was green and was promoted to the released update site.
The Europa-matic is now re-spinning and will pick up these changes:
  • Buckminster 0.1.0.v20070626
  • CDT
  • ECF 1.0.0.v20070626-1313
  • Platform 3.3.0.v20070606-0010-7o7jCHEFpPoqQYvnXqejeR
  • Mylyn 2.0.0.v20070626-1000
  • STP
The STP rel.eng. team forgot to update their features-stp.xml file or the Europa site.xml file to reenable themselves, but I went ahead and did that for them.

Stand by for build results in a few hours...

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