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[] Europa RC3 build failed due to TPTP

The Europa RC3 build has failed ( due to TPTP.

The features-tptp.xml file specifies, for example:
        <ant antfile="updateMirrorProject.xml">
            <property name="featureId"
                      value="org.eclipse.tptp.monitoring.runtime" />
            <property name="version"
                      value="4.4.0.v200706020100-7U7R_7-watmDA97KFakRkz-b50ww" />

But the downloads/tptp/updates/europa/site.xml file contains a different build number:
        <feature url="" id="org.eclipse.tptp.monitoring.runtime" version="4.4.0.v200706132116-7U7R_7-watmDA97KFblQe0duQ_mQ">
                <category name="Test and Performance Tools Platform Project"/>

There will be another build at 8pm Eastern today - if TPTP is not fixed in that build, I will remove TPTP from the RC3 build in order to get a green build.

- Bjorn

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