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[] Still more about the license files for Europa builds

The short summary: License file scanner removed from Europa builds. RC3+0 build is green.

What you need to know:
I have turned off the license file checker in the Europa build and it will stay off. We will have some kind of checker for Ganymede but we will not have anything for Europa. So...

(a) If you have publicly certified that your legal files (about files, license files, copyrights, etc) are correct to the best of your knowledge (and Janet/Sharon have reviewed and approved your IP log), then you are in good shape - no further action or changes are needed. Or...

(b) If you are confused about what files are needed and thus you are unable to certify your legal file correctness yet, please ask us (Janet or myself) for help understanding the Guide to Legal Documents. Then you can finish off your legal files and email your certification.

After Europa, we (the EMO in consultation with the Planning Council) will revise the Guide to Legal Documents based on all your constructive feedback (thanks to Martin, Jeff, Ed, Scott, Doug, McQ, and everyone who has pointed out "features" of the existing document). The new improved version will at least use glided letters, if not be clearer and more useful to committers and project leads.

More detail than you probably want to know:
The automated checker was perhaps a good idea, but was installed too late in the cycle to debug all of its quirks. That, combined with the current variety of legal files (all of them best efforts at the time they were created) resulted in the automated checker creating huge numbers of bogus errors. You all don't have time to sort through all these errors so we decided to turn the checker off and rely on the certification of the project leads and PMCs.

We realize that there may be projects that are not 100% correct on the legal files. As long as you have all made your best effort and that you have fixed errors and omissions to the best of your knowledge, then we (Janet and I) are confident that the legal files are in pretty good shape. Janet is confident that there are no outstanding IP clearance issues and thus we're only talking about dotting-i's and crossing-t's with respect to the legal files.

Thanks for being patient through all this...
Bjorn (& Janet)

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