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RE: [] Example for feature.xml ? (was:EM legal documentation pledge)

Thanks Ed. Your reference really helps.

I do understand your concerns about copying the same stuff
over and over again. Especially given that your small component
features are typically not directly visible to the user because
they are included in larger overall features.

I'm still pretty confused though:
  * The "Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement" pointed
    to by Bjorn is a *.php file and not *.html so I cannot 
    use it directly:

  * I still went and converted it to HTML, and compared against
    the "license.html" I've been using last year, as well as
    the one used by Ed in EMF, and found:
    - The PHP references the CPL via hyperlink at
      althout the text of the link says
      I find this BAD, BAD, BAD and I'm not going to adopt it;
      for Webmaster / Legal to fix it

    - PHP has ’ where EMF and I just had '
      --> fixed for me

    - EMF has Java<sup>TM</sup> where PHP and I have Java&trade;
  * Now the User agreement and my license.html are dated
    March 17, 2005 -- so what about this date given the 
    discussions we've had

    - Ed, your text version in is dated 
      January 28, 2004 but the HTML version is dated March 17, 2005
      thus the two don't match; also, your text is quite different
      than mine

  * Converting license.html into
    - The text "Java(TM) Archive" was converted into "Java? Archive"
      for me --> changed into "Java(TM) Archive"
    - My text has "country's" not sure if it must be "country''s"
      when it's in

  * Now my license.html does have a bulleted list as it always
    had, but it references many more licenses than are in my
    concrete feature.
    So, if I remove some from the bulleted list it's not the 
    original agreement any more; but I don't want to add the
    full text license for all; furthermore, the EPL is included
    in my feature as epl-v10.html so why should I add yet another
    copy of it to the license.html?
    Can't I just reference the verbatim downloaded copy 
    epl-v10.html? Or, when I include the fulltext in license.html,
    can I get rid of epl-v10.html?

Just like Ed, I cannot (and will not) certify any compliance
of my license files before I really understand what we're 
expected to do.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member 

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