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Re: [] Hopefully the final word on about files and license files for Europa (and future releases)

Title: Re: [] Hopefully the final word on    about files and license files for Europa  (and future releases)
I’ll open the Orbit bugs for those bundles we use.

Yes, I neglected to include the 3rd party bundles (in my target, not workspace).  Please append the following to our list:

org.apache.batik.bridge 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.css 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.dom 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.dom.svg 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.ext.awt 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.parser 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.svggen 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.transcoder 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.util 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.util.gui 1.6.0
org.apache.batik.xml 1.6.0
org.apache.xerces 2.8.0
org.apache.xml.resolver 1.1.0
org.w3c.css.sac 1.3.0
org.w3c.dom 1.3.3
org.w3c.dom.smil 1.0.0
org.w3c.dom.svg 1.1.0
net.sourceforge.lpg.lpgjavaruntime 1.1.0 (not yet from Orbit, but will be with


On 5/30/07 3:59 PM, "Bjorn Freeman-Benson" <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for all this.
Re: [] Hopefully the final word on about files and license files for Europa  (and future release
  1. I checked the Orbit bundles we use and found Batik and Xerces to have the date June 13, 2006 in their about.html files, and LPG to have May 23, 2006.  I suppose we need to open bugs on each?

  1. Referring to the comment about updating our license.html for these orbit bundles, it seems there is a list of licenses referenced that cover our cases (Apache and EPL), so I did nothing.
That's fine. No need to change things if the licenses are covered.
I certify that all features and plug-ins of the GMF project contain the correct legal documentation. ...
What about the Orbit bundles you consume (Batik and Xerces)? Did you miss them in your list?

- Bjorn

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