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Re: [] Europa Stats


I suspect you are not counting comments and blank lines.  We have a similar
link for EMF

but it doesn't include the Query, Transaction, and Validation yet.  Without
counting those (and not counting blank lines and comments), we get 454 KLOC
for the EMF, XSD, and SDO features of Europa.  Including comments and
blanks, we're closer to 800KLOC.  I've added the other three components so
when the web site updates later, it should have more complete statistics.

To get consistent stats, it might be nice if all the projects registered

Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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We have committers in 3 countries (Czech Republic, Canada, and the U.S.)

According to Ohloh, GMF has 603KLOC
Perhaps more are interested in adding their projects here?


On 5/28/07 4:38 PM, "Ian Skerrett" <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


      I am putting together a number of stats to help illustrate the size
      and scope of the Europa release, including:

         1. Number of bugzilla requests resolved.
         2. Number of committers
         3. Number of organizations contributing committers
         4. Number of countries where committers are located.
         5. Number of LOC

      With the help of Bjorn and Denis, I have been able to generate data
      for the first three stats but the last two are more problematic.
      Attached is a spreadsheet that I have built containing the detailed
      information.   The intention is to only highlight and report on the
      totals, not the individual project stats.   Please let me know if I
      have made any errors.

      I would like to request your help completing the last two stats.   It
      would be appreciated if someone from each project team could send me:

      1)       The number of lines of code for your project; to be
      consistent and make it easier please just count the total number of
      lines (comments, blanks and source) in all files.
      2)       The countries where you know committers working on your
      project are located.

      Thanks in advanced for your help.


      Ian Skerrett

      Director of Marketing

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