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[] New Intro feature that Europa Components will find useful

Hello Europa Team Leads,

I'd like to draw your attention to new functionality which we in the User Assistance team added in M7 which is of particular interest to Europa developers. This is solution to the perennial problem where a user installs a new feature but then doesn't know how to find the information which will help him get started using that feature. Here's the text from M7 New and Noteworthy:

The first time Eclipse is restarted after installing plug-ins containing new Universal Intro content, the Welcome screen will open on a page which prominently shows the new content. In the example below a plug-in (created using the PDE Universal Intro template) was installed before Eclipse was restarted.

We encourage teams to take advantage of this capability as a way of pointing the user at useful information about how to use their newly installed features/plugins/components.  Creating a plugin with universal intro content, or modifying and existing plugin is easy if you use the PDE template, instructions on how to do this are at

Chris Goldthorpe,  User Assistance Team

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