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Re: [] Analysis of Europa's status as of US Tax Day

Hi Bjorn,

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
<stuff deleted>
  1. AJDT, BIRT, Buckminster, CDT, Corona, DLTK, ECF, Platform, Dash, Mylar, and TPTP are missing written ramp-down policies.
    1. Thanks to DSDP, DTP, all the Modeling projects, STP, and WTP for providing written ramp-down policies.

    1. I'm surprised that Platform has not provided a ramp-down policy as they are usually very good about that sort of thing.
  1. IP approvals are in progress.
Second, how are we doing on the Should Dos?
  1. All projects are using jar'ed plug-ins
  2. (message bundles: not assessed in this email)
  3. It's not clear if all projects can be built by the community but at the very least "not easily" because the various projects lack easily accessible instructions on how to do so.
  4. (same as 3)
  5. (same as 3)
  6. Projects are not producing source tar balls for Linux.
  7. Some projects are producing N&N for each milestone (AJDT, DTP, DSDP TM, MDT, Platform, Mylar, WTP). Many projects are not (or I could not find them)
    1. BIRT, Buckminster, CDT, Corona, DLTK, DSDP DD, ECF, Dash, EMF, EMFT, GEF, GMF, TPTP, STP.

Our N&N for each milestone are here:


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