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RE: [] Analysis of Europa's status as of USTax Day

Added link to Corona's ramp down policy.


From: on behalf of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Sent: Thu 4/19/2007 11:58 AM
Subject: [] Analysis of Europa's status as of USTax Day

Europa people,
Here's my analysis of the current state of the Europa build and installation. First, how are we doing on the Must Do <> s?

1.	(everything works: not assessed in this email) 
2.	Everyone except GMF is providing consumable update sites. 

	1.	Rich and I think that GMF has pack200/digest creation problems - the GMF team will re-build and see if that fixes the missing files problem. Or GMF could just delete the *.gz and from their update site and the builds should go green.

3.	n/a 
4.	Everyone except STP is using four-part version numbers. 

	1.	Oisin - please update us on when STP will be switching to four-part version numbers. 

5.	n/a 
6.	n/a 
7.	(Orbit use: not assessed in this email) 
8.	(JVM version: not assessed in this email) 
9.	Most projects are attending the planning calls and meetings regularly, but a few are not. I'm not sure how you all think we are going to coordinate this release without regular conversations. We keep these calls short (less than 15 minutes), so the time cost out of your day is small and the benefit to our coordinated release is huge. At the very least, you should be sending a delegate if you are unable to attend the scheduled calls <> .

	1.	Platform and STP are the most noticable absences. 
	2.	I also do not recall AJDT, Dash, ECF, Buckminster, and Mylar on the last few calls (but, because we're not taking role, you all might have been there and been silent). 

10.	(bugzilla monitoring: unable to determine) 
11.	(build team IRC: n/a) 
12.	Everyone has stated their intent to join Europa; given that some projects are not participating (#9), we might want to reconsider whether they are going to be included (see below)
13.	All projects (except perhaps STP) have demonstrated the ability to synchronize with the Europa build. 
14.	AJDT, BIRT, Buckminster, CDT, Corona, DLTK, ECF, Platform, Dash, Mylar, and TPTP are missing written ramp-down policies. 

	1.	Thanks to DSDP, DTP, all the Modeling projects, STP, and WTP for providing written ramp-down policies. 
	2.	I'm surprised that Platform has not provided a ramp-down policy as they are usually very good about that sort of thing. 

15.	IP approvals are in progress. 

Second, how are we doing on the Should Dos <> ?

1.	All projects are using jar'ed plug-ins 
2.	(message bundles: not assessed in this email) 
3.	It's not clear if all projects can be built by the community but at the very least "not easily" because the various projects lack easily accessible instructions on how to do so. 
4.	(same as 3) 
5.	(same as 3) 
6.	Projects are not producing source tar balls for Linux. 
7.	Some projects are producing N&N for each milestone (AJDT <> , DTP <> , DSDP TM <> , MDT <> , Platform <> , Mylar <> , WTP <> ). Many projects are not (or I could not find them)

	1.	BIRT, Buckminster, CDT, Corona, DLTK, DSDP DD, ECF, Dash, EMF, EMFT, GEF, GMF, TPTP, STP.
	2.	Even for those projects that are producing N&N, some of them are *very* hard to find on the project websites and/or download websites. (Mylar <>  rocks here, with a left menu link to N&N.) 

8.	(ICU4J: not assessed in this email) 
9.	Builder RSS feeds not assessed in this email, although I haven't heard much discussion about it on the mailing list and so I have to assume that projects (except for Nick) are not providing these. 
10.	Some projects are Pack200'ing their jars, others are not. (this data is from the Europa-o-matic - if the Europa-o-matic skips a jar, it wasn't conditioned with Pack200; if Europa-o-matic repacks the jar, it was packed)

	1.	Yes: AJDT, BIRT, DSDP DD, DSDP TM, Platform, GMF, WTP
	2.	No: Buckminster, CDT, Corona, Dash, DLTK, DTP, ECF, EMF, EMFT, GEF, Mylar, STP 

11.	Some projects are signing, others are not: 

	1.	Yes: DSDP TM, GEF, Platform, TPTP
	2.	No: Dash, DLTK, DSDP DD, DTP, ECF, EMF, EMFT, Mylar, STP, WTP 
	3.	Not checked as of this email: Buckminster, BIRT, CDT, Corona, GMF 

Third, how are we doing on the provider names and icons and licenses: 

1.	Icons: 

	1.	New Platform icon: DSDP TM, DTP, GEF, Platform, TPTP
	2.	Custom icon: AJDT, Mylar, Modeling
	3.	Old Platform icon: WTP 
	4.	No icon: Dash, DLTK, ?
	5.	Not checked as of this email: Buckminster, BIRT, CDT, Corona, GMF, ? 

2.	Licenses: (not checked in this email) 
3.	Provider Names: (not checked in this email)

Fourth, how's the schedule? Thanks to McQ for providing the Platform RC dates - I've updated the schedule on the wiki <> .

Here's my draconian statement about the schedule: Europa is going to ship out the door at the end of June. Projects in the +2 tier who fail to build with the rest of projects will be removed from Europa. I will try as hard as I can to contact all the projects to fix any build problems, but in the end the schedule will be primary and Europa will ship on time.

- Bjorn

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